Rob AMC Conference-


The AMC conference was very interesting and really diverse it was the first platform I’ve seen that allowed transgender and gay participants take the leadership role from leading workshops to performing at parties. I was also intrigued by the number of ways these guys used media as a means of expression also enjoyed the live radio broadcast, this broadcast featured different artist from different places that used art in different ways to help rebuild communities and express some of the issues that that place is facing.


This week the digital stewards had a chance to experience trouble shooting in the field, now this experience consisted of the digital stewards going out into the neighborhood with laptops and adjusting the power to devices we had out into the community, the troubleshooting began when some devices weren’t responding after the power adjustment was made but we put our heads together and found out how we can fix the after all the troubleshooting and the brain work and frustration we took a trip to the Barclay center where we saw and learned how the Barclay is ran through virtual eyes, we were introduced to incredible technology, and some incredible minds this trip greatly inspired some of us ,and made this trip both educational and encouraging.

This past week was cool i find out how to understand what troubleshooting really means. me and my co-workers actually got some hand work done outside of our work place which was incredible. last but not least i got to visit the Barclay’s center and learned the ins and outs of the institute and the technology which was extremely worth it. 

Today’s trip to the Barclays Center was cool. I like that they toured us around the building and explained what each room was for and does. I thought the parking-lot was pretty cool how they had the part of the ground that moves in a circular rotation for the trucks that come out back because they are so big. Overall the trip was great and I have learned many new things and have a better understanding of others.

I learn this week about how to us a command line and a network and how the WiFi go through the Barclay center and it work inside in the building and if you go outside you do not get it . 

This week, I learned a lot more information on using command lines and networking. We also did some file transferring to learn that we can get files from one computer to another over a network. The command line can be used for many things, even logging into another computer. We can also test our routers, nodes, and connections to laptops from command lines. 

This week I learned how to find out what my IP address is. I learned the difference between a Mac address and IP address. Im also getting the hang of abbreviations, Example FTP(File Transfer Protocol) DNS(Domain Name Server). Every week Im getting more and more knowledge on how to be a power user. i learned that no computer can have the same type of IP address. 

Last week, the Digital Stewards had their hands full learning new things. Some of those things include the Seven Layers of OSI (Open Systems Interconnection), how to input commands into a command prompt, what certain commands do, what is a command prompt, and how routers and switches work.

The Seven Layers of OSI is used as a reference model for how messages should be transmitted between any two points in a telecommunication network. The Seven Layers include the physical layer, data link layer, transport layer, session layer, presentation layer, and the application layer. 

They have also learned how routers and switches control traffic of information on a network to deliver and receive data from other sources. They operate similarly to a mail room and deliver small collections of data, known as packets, similarly to a highway. 

Currently, the Digital Stewards are learning how to navigate through a computer using command prompts. They also learned how to log on to their assigned nodes and get information from neighbor computers using the command prompt. They can check to see if their node is up and running or if its down by using the command prompt from anywhere instead of going to the nodes location and physically checking it. 

Last week was a very busy week for the Digital Stewards and they can only look forward to learning even more this week.

I enjoyed my visit to Goldman Sachs. I took away a lot of useful information from their networking team. My favorite part of the visit when we used the Wifi Analyzer app to show us how connections can interfere with each other and how the connection varies on how close you are to it. I learned a lot about how different physical objects and even the human body can affect a wireless signal, and some stuff that can help us with our mesh network, like a potential heat map that can see where people try to log onto nodes. 

Overall I really enjoyed my visit to Goldman Sachs and I hope I get the opportunity to return.

I found the trip really relaxing and excited. The company employees answered our questions to the best of their ability. They a note pad and pens waiting for us, I like how they had a copy of everything they explained to us. The little boat ride was cool. My favorite part was when they took us in the room full of different wires and cables. There I learned that different color wires mean different thing example the green one represents fiber.