Monday, April 14, 2014

Digital stewards weekly reflection./ DS program assistant .

This week the digital stewards had a brain storming session about, the ways we can design and build an efficient network.some of these’s steps included observing the neighborhood and deciding which parts need or should have internet access.more over this first step of planning lead to step 2 creating a survey for the community residents for there opinions on wifi and how it would help them. After this heavy brain working activity the Digital stewards sat in attendance to lessons on hardware, software,and application where they experienced different teaching  styles more or less about similar to conclude that week the Digital stewards sat in on a seminar by some representatives from the project known as Red Hook Hub.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Abdussabur ali weekly reflection

Digital divided means to me is that service providers can charge you for the internet service because there is no law that say everyone is require to have internet connection in your home. So if you can afford it you can use it freely .
Infrastructure is easier to think of it as a highway and you have to get a car(router) before getting on the internet then when yu get ya car you are free to enter the highway freely until you get to the toll.(service provider) so you have to get a provider like time warner or verizon to get connected. There are ways to getting free wifi. If you in redhook we have different location for you to communicate with others then calling or text.
The job responsibilities we have for the next 6 months are basic , come on time and be ready to learn

Divina Weekly Reflection (week 2)

My job responsibilities for the next 6 months is to be on time, observe, take notes and learn.

Without Infrastructure there wouldn’t be no city no community.  I also learned how important it is to have roads, street lights and signs because with out it how would  travel to go to work or school.  

Digital Divide means thats you either dont fully own ya own internet or dont have any internet access at all. Basically that its not equal. 

Shay’s Reflection On Digital Divide & Infrastructure

Q1: Digital Divide is inequalities between individuals, households, businesses, and geographic areas. Example, Like in my community everyone doesn’t own their own individual internet service or either does not have it at all.

Q2: Infrastructure is basic physical and organizational structures such as buildings, highways, phone lines etc. Examples of infrastructer in my community we have wifi around different areas to help us communicate faster then usual to send out much needed information/important information.

Q3: My job responsibilities for the next 6 months at Digital Stewarts is to learn the basics such as OS & Apps and more.

Q1. the digital divide is a divide between people that know how to use the internet and those who dont or people who cant use computers and those that do. for example an elderly person might not know how to use the computer like a teenager does.
Q2. a infrastructure is a set of things that help make a whole structure work as one. red hook wifi is a communication infrastructure it helps the people of the community speak to one another with updates on whats going on in red hook like events community meetings weather reports etc.
Q3. my responsibility as a digital steward is to learn about technology how the internet works how to fix things when they go wrong its all to help the community of red hook
byron benn (Mr.HD)

Stephen weekly reflection

Q1: A digital divide is that it go it different way to go and how it affect people in the world because people are shy to talk to people or share thing to other people in the world.

Q2 :The WiFi is important to people because red hook need WiFi  to go on the phone and computer or tablet .the people how provide service is version and time warmer cable.

Q3:i want to learn how to make game and put the WiFi at different places in digital steward and i want to now how to work WiFi in the communication 

weekly reflection

some people don’t have internet neither wifi

2. time warner cable verizon learn and advance my skills as a digital stewards

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tahvon gorham reflection

The request it gets broken up to little pieces then it gets sent through the wires to the hub. some people own the tools an devices to access the internet. the bigger companies bought out the smaller companies. net neutrality means no one can denied you access but only if your computer is open internet to give you access

Marc’s Summary

When you search for a URL, the request breaks into small pieces of information and goes through fiber optic cables, which travel at the speed of light, to the nearest hub to find the website. If the website isn’t located within that hub, the information travels to the next hub until it finds its location. Upon finding the website, your request is either approved or denied and sent back to your router. 

The internet as a whole is owned by no one. Internet Service Providers, such as Time Warner and Verizon, own parts of it, in which they give us for a price. There is very little competition between service providers because the big providers, such as Time Warner, buy out the smaller ones. 

a Common Carrier is when a company has certain obligations towards its customers, such as T-Mobile not charging you to call 911. Internet Service Providers are not affected by this and can charge for and remove any channel or website that they want. 

Net Neutrality is when everyone has access to everything on the internet, and nothing is blocked. This is not in effect yet, Providers can still chose what we have access to and what we don’t. For example, if Google and Time Warner came to an agreement stating that Time Warner will pay Google more money if they cut communications with Verizon, Verizon users won’t be able to access Google anymore.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly summary

Hello digital stewards program assistant here giving you guys a brief overview of the what we covered so this week began on Friday march 28 where the new digital stewards sat in for there orientation. At this orientation, we covered the basics of the program why they are here and why the program exist. April 1 2014 this date noted the digital stewards first day of work on this day we jumped in starting with a video titled the Internet is serious business. This video gave us a deeper understanding on the Internet, how it works, and who potentially owns it. After receiving all this knowledge on Tuesday, the digital stewards were introduced to there know workspace where the they designed and arranged it to what they felt was a stylish but a productive place to work.