Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Reflection/DS Program assistant

So where do i start? On thursday we were visited by Open Technology Institues’s Josh Breitbart.The purpose of this visit was to inform the digital stewards of the role that OTI played in the developement of the digital stewards program, we also sat and watched this movie called “What the Cell this movie basicly summarized how phone calls are made and how they travel though the air and the wires.
After our visit from OTI the digital stewards prepared for Red Hooks first hackathon.The digital stewards were asked to attend the event as a means of exposure and so that they can be the voices of the community.


Abdussabur ali Weekly reflect.

My experience at the red hook hack a thon was fun and bennificial at the same time.I learned a lot of programs and websites to start yu off as a basic hacker .I also learn how to set up a stage and take down the stage as well.I think one of the ways they should change is putting the purpose of the hack a thon. A lot of people there was not aware it was suppose to bennifit the neighborhood. I think that was the best experience I could of went threw at a event.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Karrot Weekly Reflection

The red hook hackathon was a great experience to me. I learned a lot of new things about technology, and what caught my attention the most was the oculus rift, it’s like a headset for 3d gaming it felt so realistic. An idea I would like to see at the next hackathon is to build an app about better public transportation.

weekly reflection

during my time at the hackathon i experienced and learned so much new things that i thought would take forever to learn I’m definitely looking forward to more events similar to the hackathon

Shay Weekly Reflection

My experience at the Red Hook Hackathon was cool I loved that it was something different for me to do and experience. I like that it was a mixture of different people coming together to bring together different ideas to create a product or app for a better cause. One app that I would like to see at a hackathon is a faster and better way for public transportation and getting around easier.

Andre Richey/ Weekly Reflection

During my experience at the Hackathon i realize the Red Hook community has different people in the world that surround themselves around technology who’s willing to help better the Red hook community by any means neccessary. One application i would like to see at the near future Hackathon is a application based on helping children in the community with safer transportation getting to school and after school programs at all times.

Stephen Weekly Reflection

question 1: My experience at the Hackathon  is that people was getting along with each other in the place and you are meeting people from the Hackathon . At the hackathon people was working on there on thing .

Monday, April 14, 2014

Digital stewards weekly reflection./ DS program assistant .

This week the digital stewards had a brain storming session about, the ways we can design and build an efficient network.some of these’s steps included observing the neighborhood and deciding which parts need or should have internet access.more over this first step of planning lead to step 2 creating a survey for the community residents for there opinions on wifi and how it would help them. After this heavy brain working activity the Digital stewards sat in attendance to lessons on hardware, software,and application where they experienced different teaching  styles more or less about similar to conclude that week the Digital stewards sat in on a seminar by some representatives from the project known as Red Hook Hub.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Abdussabur ali weekly reflection

Digital divided means to me is that service providers can charge you for the internet service because there is no law that say everyone is require to have internet connection in your home. So if you can afford it you can use it freely .
Infrastructure is easier to think of it as a highway and you have to get a car(router) before getting on the internet then when yu get ya car you are free to enter the highway freely until you get to the toll.(service provider) so you have to get a provider like time warner or verizon to get connected. There are ways to getting free wifi. If you in redhook we have different location for you to communicate with others then calling or text.
The job responsibilities we have for the next 6 months are basic , come on time and be ready to learn

Divina Weekly Reflection (week 2)

My job responsibilities for the next 6 months is to be on time, observe, take notes and learn.

Without Infrastructure there wouldn’t be no city no community.  I also learned how important it is to have roads, street lights and signs because with out it how would  travel to go to work or school.  

Digital Divide means thats you either dont fully own ya own internet or dont have any internet access at all. Basically that its not equal.